Sarah McDonnell

Despite the name, Sarah McDonnell Wedding Photography is really a team of two. Both Sarah and Stuart have been photographing weddings for several years. Stuart is also a videographer, so we can offer packages including both video and photography.

I’ve been a professional wedding photographer since 2007, and in that time, I have won several awards for my wedding photography and photojournalism. My focus (excuse the pun) has always been on capturing events as they happen, rather than interfering and setting up shots. That’s not to say that I don’t take group shots and portraits at weddings, I do of course, I just don’t think they should take over the day.

I started out filming weddings for friends and family, which gradually transformed from a hobby, into a business, and then a full time career. Sarah started out in wedding photography around the same time, and as I’m not the sort of person who like’s to do just one thing, I started doing that as well. Initially as Sarah’s second shooter/assistant, and later as a full fledged wedding photographer.


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