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From an early age, photography has always been a fond passion of mine. How one picture can hold up to an endless amount of memories and words is truly captivating. Photos are timeless art pieces which can be past through decades without losing its value. I value each of these priceless moments, particularly when encapsulating one of the most auspicious and happiest days in a man and woman’s life.

There is no secret behind my wedding photography, each bride and groom are tailored to their individual need. Asian weddings have always fascinated me. From the intricate details and vibrant colours from the outfits, and stage designs to the various traditions and customs shared by each culture intrigues me greatly.

Asian weddings are where I am at my happiest, being surrounded by the vibrancy, the fast paced and joyous festivities that take place. Being ready and awaiting to capture each smile, laugh, playful embrace and tears of joy in a stylish and contemporary design. I love travelling and meeting new people, which are all added perks to my job. ☺

Please feel free to get in touch and I will be more than happy to set up a consultation to discuss your special day.


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