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Adam – I’m a pretty simple and straightforward human being at heart. People and stories are what really inspire me and having the chance to document both in photos is an awesome opportunity. Capturing moments that mean so much to someone and may never happen again is truly special. I was never an avid traveller until I met Grace (Marriage does that kind of thing to you!) Now I’m the one always looking to discover new places both near and far. With Kiwi roots New Zealand is definitely high on the hit list! Together, along with our 2 beautiful babies, we are writing a story of our own.

Grace – Growing up in this green Isle has gave me a love for nature, the outdoors and its beauty. The rolling hills, rustic scenes and dramatic landscapes has really sculpted my sense of adventure. I developed a love for photography while I was studying my degree in Creative Imaging. After 5 years of working as wedding photographers Adam and I have felt the need to explore some more with our work, our creativity, our faith and our life. Working with my husband doing something we love is one of the greatest privileges and I am truly grateful we get to explore this adventure both together and with our children, Isaac and Anna.


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