Beauty Tale

Make up trial should be performed for a number of reasons. Firstly, in order to see if you feel comfortable in it, whether the selected colour and the type of make up are what you expected. Make-up is also a time trial when we can discuss all the aspects  related to your bridal make up. It is recommended for such a meeting to prepare image of your wedding dress, jewellery, bouquet, hairstyles, so you will have a guarantee that your makeup will match perfectly with all the other details. Why make a trial price is the same as the proper make up?

When you try to use the same amenities as the right make up, make-up prolonging service life, starting from the base, ending a fixation. This gives you opportunity to see how long make-up remain on your skin. On request, appends the tufts of artificial eyelashes, so you can see if you feel comfortable in them. Make up trial does not differ so like wedding make up.


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