Bellaboo And Beau

Bellaboo and Beau is a creative design and styling company specialising in weddings.

We are a small team of creatives, including events planner, brand expert, graphic designer, carpenter, interior stylist and photographer.

We are creative people with huge imaginations and the ability to connect with our clients in such a way that enables us to create for them the most beautifully unique and tailored solution for their wedding or function. We offer an innovative, unrestricted approach to styling with buckets of attention to detail.

Please be reassured, custom styling does not necessarily mean unaffordable. We can work to any budget to find the right solution for you.

If you are still not quite sure what we do, think of it this way...
wedding planners plan, wedding stylists style. We are the art directors of the wedding world, taking care of all and any aesthetic elements of the day and throwing in some good organisation and supplier information while we're at it!


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Unit 2 Oxenbridge Farm, Wittersham Road, Iden, Rye East Sussex
TN31 7UY


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