Bumble Bee Cakes

Hello and welcome to Bumble Bee Cakes! At Bumble Bee Cakes we strive for excellence in all we produce, using the best ingredients which are sourced locally. We use local organic ingredients, free range and fair trade.

All out bespoke recipes feature Welsh Honey to enhance the flavor and keep our cakes moist, flavorful and yummy!

Our range features all the usual cakes you would expect to find plus exquisite bespoke ranges of tea time treats, Pagan/Autumn/Winter themed wedding cakes and a range of cakes devoted to the Bumble Bee.

Our company is based in North Wales were we source good quality Welsh butter and honey to use in all our cake recipes. My recipes are unique to my company and am looking into publishing a recipe book featuring all my favourites. The company also source many events to showcase our products and make people aware of the unique flavour of our cakes.

The website features a good range of our products but, more ranges are to come I am presently working on hand painted cakes, embossed cakes and a new range of bejewelled wedding cakes to co-ordinate a local bridal designer.

Our skills have been learned and honed over many years of experience in the culinary world working all around North Wales.

We have our own creations as well as cakes that we can do but are not our own designs, we are also happy to take requests.


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4 Wynn Avenue, Rhosddu Wrexham, Wales
LL11 2EP


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