Binding Ties

In 2010 I was planning my own wedding, and we had decided to include handfasting cords. Try as I might, I couldn’t find anything that was quite right, so we decided to make our own. We had a beautiful ceremony on a remote beach on a deserted stretch of the north Scottish coastline. The weather played along and we had a, absolutely wonderful day.

After the ceremony, I was talking to our Humanist celebrant about the day in general, and she mentioned that she’d not seen handfasting cords quite like ours before, asking where I’d bought them from. When I explained we’d ended up making our own, she commented that many of her couples search for similar things and have little luck - perhaps I should think about making them for other people too?

Life has a way of intervening, and so it did for us for the next couple of years. The new husband and I had a fabulous time travelling in our camper truck, but eventually we had to come back to the UK. However, the little seed which the celebrant planted back in 2010 had continued to grow in a quiet but determined fashion, and shortly after moving back into our house, Binding Ties was born.


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