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Welcome to Abacus Events, we are an event hire company based in west yorkshire and we cover the whole of UK. We have over 10 years experience and we have attended over 6000 events so you can be assured our team know what it takes to make your event count.

At Abacus Events, our initial aim was and still is to be an events company that people can rely on, a company that won't let people down. So we needed a name that showed that we could be counted on and thats where Abacus comes from.

We still regularly get calls from people who have been let down by other companies just before the event, sometimes even on the day. Its always upsetting to hear peoples horror stories and if we can we will always help as much as we can.

We have grown and grown over the years to become one of the norths leading event hire companies, our strategy is simple, we keep our prices competitive, provide the best equipment and offer the highest level of service.


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13 Park House Crescent Bradford, UK
BD12 0PY

West Yorkshire

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