Alison Parker

Hello, my name is Alison Parker and I am an accredited Celebrant with the British Humanist Association. I conduct funeral, wedding and naming ceremonies across South Wales for people who have chosen to mark significant events in their lives without the input of a minister of religion.

Humanism is a secular philosophy of life based on the idea that we only have one life to live and we have to make the very best of it. Humainsts believe that with mutual tolerance, understanding and cooperation we can all live in harmony. Humanists respect other people's choices and ask for that freedom and respect in return. Humanist ceremonies are individual, meaningful tributes. Each ceremony is unique and is intended to truly reflect what an individual or couple wish to be said about them and their circumstances.

This does not mean that people who have a religious belief are excluded from a ceremony conducted by a Humanist. Nor would it always be seen as inappropriate, for example, if a piece of religious music were used in a ceremony. Many people brought up in South Wales have some affinity with chapel music and it is often part of their identity. We welcome all sections of the community and attempt never to discriminate against people on account of their race, gender, age, class or sexual orientation.

Each ceremony is written afresh and I work closely with families, couples and individuals to ensure that their ceremony is relevant to them.


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