Angie Alexandra

Though we use the titles Minister and Reverend and have been ordained by the organisation we trained with, we’re a very different kind of Minister from traditional Religious Ministers. We’re not associated with or affiliated to any one particular spiritual or religious organisation, church or other house of worship. We are Ministers for People and go where we’re invited to go to hold ceremony whether it be a church, castle or front room. We minister wherever we’re asked to go, in a way that’s fitting for the people we’re creating ceremony for. We like to call ourselves ‘The People’s Ministers’ as it better describes that we’re here in service of people from all faiths and no faith; in service of people’s own personal needs, beliefs and spirituality, whatever they may be. Officially our title is Interfaith Minister.

We respond to your beliefs, so we’re very happy to hold ceremonies which would be called religious, or spiritual, or humanist, as well as ceremonies that don’t fit any particular label. We’re available full time as professional, freelance Ministers and Celebrants offering ceremonies in an alternative way – your way. We’re committed to you having the perfect ceremony for you whatever that looks like.

The ceremonies we offer, we offer to you and anyone else wanting a personal, meaningful ceremony, regardless.


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