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There are so many decisions to make when planning a wedding that it can all get a bit overwhelming! Every aspect of your wedding day from deciding the date to choosing the music for your first dance will be given careful consideration because you want all these things to be perfect and special for your dream wedding. Who wouldn't?

But when it comes to the actual ceremony – which is, after all, the most important part of the day – it can get overlooked because people don’t always realise they have wonderful choices to make here too. If a church service isn’t for you, and the prospect of a standard civil ceremony just like everyone else’s doesn’t float your boat, then opt for a celebrant and let your imagination run wild.

It’s true….your wedding could take place at any location, out of doors in your garden or at your favourite spot in the countryside, at any licensed or unlicensed venue and at any time of the day or even by candlelight. With a bespoke celebrant-led wedding ceremony, you get to create your own vows and readings that really speak to you as a couple and you'll have complete control over any spiritual or symbolic traditions you’d like to include, whether or not you want any hymns or religious references, the music, the choreography, themes and special touches that make the wedding truly personal and meaningful to you.


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Kimberley L. says:

23 Sep 2017 in Marriage Celebrant > > > > >

Amazing- Christina really got the concept, our wedding was a bit different, we had an outdoor handfasting, Christina got it and made it a lot easier. We had a meeting with her to discuss what we wanted. After bouncing ideas off of each other, Christina went off and put a script together, which she sent to me for changes, there weren't any as it was great! Just amazing!

Nicholas B. says:

18 Aug 2017 in Marriage Celebrant > > > > >

Christina was instrumental in making our ceremony so special. When people talk about their favourite parts of our wedding, they ALWAYS mention the ceremony. Nobody had been to one so “lovely”, “personal”, “fun.” Christina got it spot on, making our ceremony unforgettable for us and all our guests.

13 Oct 2017 Christina Derrington Celebrant says:

Thank you so much Corrin and Nick for your lovely feedback. I'm so pleased that everyone enjoyed it.

Allison R. says:

1 Jul 2017 in Marriage Celebrant > > > > >

Astounding. Very accommodating and was quick to learn the Jewish traditions that we wished to include in our ceremony. Very good listener and always wanted to make sure that she was creating a ceremony that was personal to us. Ran a beautiful service that had all of our guests talking about how amazing our ceremony was.

16 Aug 2017 Christina Derrington Celebrant says:

Ali, I always love a challenge and this was a privilege to plan and conduct a blended ceremony that incorporated so many Jewish customs. I enjoyed learning the Hebrew blessings and was so pleased that everything ran according to plan - even the stamping on the glass! Thank you for putting your trust in me x

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