Augusta Jones

Augusta Jones presents a fresh and contemporary approach to stylish wedding gowns. The concept behind the label is beautifully designed tailored gowns with lean, clean lines. This intimate luxury boutique brand has carved a niche by consistently creating timeless pieces.

The first collection was launched in England in 1999 under the creative leadership of British designer Charlotte Leung. Augusta Jones was created to satisfy three basic requirements; beautiful styling; flexibility of the range to suit a variety of shapes; and a way to personalise a wedding gown. Everything a bride could wish for in a brand. Charlotte wanted to offer brides a way to shape and style every aspect of their wedding outfit, so a range of shrugs, belts and veils was added to the collection.

June Leung joined the team and brought with her a passion for art deco and period jewellery pieces to the collection - very much in evidence by the extravagant detailing found in key pieces. Now, Augusta Jones provide a bespoke service where each gown is individually tailored to the needs of the Bride.

The growth of the label has everything to do with listening to the customer. "It is all about fine-tuning and distilling ideas. At the end of the day you have to put yourself in the bride's position... what is it that she wants from her gown? We never forget this question when putting together new lines."


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