Quirky photobooths hire – Website Design

Quirky Photobooths is a Melbourne based Photobooth hire comapny that brings you the latest in photobooth technology, printing double strips in record time, giving you and your guests more time to enjoy their time in front of the camera. We set ourselves apart with all inclusive packages, as well as hourly rate options, including fun Quirky props and 1-2 attendants to keep everything running on the night.

We want the website to “pop”, and give the feeling of excitement or a party… while remaining professional as we’re not just another photobooth company. The definition of “Quirky” that we liked was offbeat, unconventional, whimsical, out of the ordinary in a way that attracts curiosity. Our company doesn’t want to look or feel like another photobooth in a box that gets dropped off to an event and left there.

Thanks for the new site and the Quirky design. It took a few revisions, but our site is now what we were looking for, and is driving enquiries to our inbox much better than what we had before. The new and improved image of Quirky Photobooths is definitely a step up in the market!

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