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Easy Weddings Brides have reviewed the wedding shoe suppliers they used for their weddings, so you can make the best choice for your perfect day!

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Becky K says:

05 Dec 2017

A bargain- comfort first, I’ve never been one for killer heels and besides no one sees the dress was the splurge of the whole event!

Sara M says:

31 Oct 2017

Absolutely gorgeous, vintage inspired luxury wedding shoes. ❤️

Harriet F says:

05 Oct 2017

I absolutely loved my wedding shoes and they were so comfy too!

Casey E says:

19 Sep 2017

They were just what I wanted; red shoes to go with red white and blue theme. They were t-bar and peep toe - perfect!

Alison H says:

24 Jul 2017

My shoes were the most difficult thing to get right, mainly because my husband is only just over an inch taller than me. I originally chose a flat ballet pump, but when I tried my dress on, it wasn’t flattering. I tried a very minimal heel and it made all the difference. Also, Rainbow shoes are like putting your feet in perfect clouds. I chose a soft muted gold fabric that complemented the champagne tone of my dress.