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Emma M says:

10 Dec 2017

I brought my dress from Wed2B in Bromley, the staff were on hand from the moment I walked through the door till the moment I left with my dress, they helped me in and out of 5 or 6 dresses before I found the one. The dresses in Wed2B are beautiful and affordable and I would highly recommend them.

Sarah J says:

29 Nov 2017

My brother got married in July and my sister-in-law recommended them. It was good, in other shops I felt like I couldn't touch anything but there was no pressure in Wed2B. They were really helpful, nice atmosphere, not rushed. You can try on any dress you want. The one I went in for I couldn't find in my size but the first one I actually tried on I just loved itI!

Mara M says:

20 Nov 2017

Really nice staff and experience. After finding my perfect dress, I was given some fizz and some time to celebrate. Would for sure recommend this shop.

Emma P says:

16 Nov 2017

The most beautiful vintage dresses in Greenwich. The first shop I went into and bought 2 dresses. Great service, she's a amazing.

Natasha C says:

07 Nov 2017

Really good because they have a no appointment policy and quite a lot of the dresses are listed on line on their website and social media with the prices. I went to a couple of wedding shows but I didn't go to any other wedding shops to be honest because I couldn't be bothered with the old way of buying wedding dresses, where you have no idea what's in stock or what the prices are. The only thing I would say is that the dresses could have been better quality but it's good for the price and they are definitely unrivalled in the way they let you buy dresses.