Basia Zarzycka

The more that one knows about Basia Zarzycka, the more obvious it is that she is a truly unique character without equal in her ability to see new and exciting ideas and to translate them into the most wonderful jewellery, gifts and bridal designs.

Basia is, first and foremost, an artist. She has used her unsurpassed talents for over thirty years to create some of the most amazing and sought after wedding dresses and accessories for an international list of clients including film stars and royalty.

She does not try to make capital on who her clients are but her shop is a place where you may find customers famous from the aristocracy, music industry, television and film mix with ordinary people who value her unique work and what she has managed to create.

Basia Zarzycka is well known for her amazing wedding dresses and stunning bridal gifts. Her couture designers eye has lead her to create these specially commissioned pieces that show an incredible talent for the unusual and bizarre, for creating the most beautiful, unique ideas for gifts for weddings, birthdays and other occasions.


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190 Pavilion Road London
South West

South West London

10:30am to 6:00pm -- Monday - Saturday

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