Ben's Bangers

Welcome To Ben's Bangers. Here on our Suffolk farm we do amazing things with the humble British banger. Our sausages are 100% gluten-free and are made using only the highest quality pork & locally sourced ingredients. Our signature recipe uses significantly less added fat and water than a traditional pork sausage. Dare we say we’ve created a healthy banger?

Our menu draws influence from all over the world, but as Britain is a nation of "Dog" lovers; there's no better way to show the love for our 4-legged friends than to name our own 'Dogs in their honour.

So whether it's a British Bulldog, or the gigantic Tibetan Mastiff, we're sure you'll find a 'Dog that'll get your tail wagging.

Our menu isn’t just limited to hot dogs though; we make seasonal variances to make the best of what’s available, and are only too happy to hear any ideas you may have.

Our rocket trailer truly stands out from the crowd and ensures that we really bring your event to life. Our vibrant appearance, delicious food and infectious atmosphere add that special something to an already very special day. We love going the extra mile by customising to whatever your needs may be. Our trailer can even change colour to suit!

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