Big Day Bug

Hello! We are Big Day Bug and we are here to give your big wedding day an extra smile with our Classic 1971 Karmann Convertible Car. If you want something stylish, fun and unique for your wedding transport then Miv is the car for you.

Miv is fully insured for Wedding Hire and is maintained on an almost daily basis. We keep her under a fleece-lined cover in a garage. She is carpeted throughout in charcoal and has a CD player, so you can have any special songs playing as you travel. She has a classic wooden steering wheel and a pool-ball for a gear stick handle - it even matches the interior (cream and burgundy)!

Wherever she goes, people smile, wave and toot. We want to share that happiness with others and help make your big day super special!

We are friendly, easy-going people so please don't be shy with any special requests - no matter how weird or wacky!


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Wales, UK


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