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Posted by lucy | 19 June, 2018

Having always wanted the chance to create an antique 1920s inspired styled shoot, Erin Ascroft of Erin Photography got her chance when she started working in an antique shop!

Her friends agreed to model, her mum pitched in with doing the hair and another friend made the bouquet. “It was never my intention to get more people involved, as much as I love the styled shoots I see, this was more something just for me to have a little go at,” explains Erin. “Both Katie and Alex [the models] found perfect outfits including Katie finding a real fur coat to wear and Alex with his black and white wingtip dress shoes.”

So strap yourselves in, head back into the Gatsby era and feel inspired to create your own little piece of history for your wedding day!

Photos courtesy of Erin Photography.


Antique_Wedding-Inspiration_Erin-Photography_SBS_002 Antique_Wedding-Inspiration_Erin-Photography_SBS_003



“When it came to shooting we used the larger part of building where the furniture antiques were set up in sections creating a living room effect in every corner,” says Erin. “This was brilliant because it gave us a new scene each time we changed location almost sending us back to the ’20s for a split second.”


Antique_Wedding-Inspiration_Erin-Photography_SBS_009 Antique_Wedding-Inspiration_Erin-Photography_SBS_010



“I asked my friend to create a bouquet that matched the style of the shoot and it was gorgeous, exactly what I had in mind,” says Erin.





Antique_Wedding-Inspiration_Erin-Photography_SBS_015 Antique_Wedding-Inspiration_Erin-Photography_SBS_014



Erin has been in the photography game for two years. Her natural talent is obvious!

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Flowers: Alexandra May's Florist / Photographer: Erin Photography

Photos courtesy of Erin Photography