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Creativity the key to Salome and Craig’s barn wedding

Creativity runs in the family for Salome Garner and Craig McMurray, so it was no surprise when the pair took the lead in planning and styling their beautiful barn wedding.

“I have my own small business designing and making gifts and our families are very arty and musical too,” Salome, 30, explains. “I was 100 per cent committed to creating everything for our day from scratch.  Possibly even a little obsessed!”

Everything from dresses to flowers, unique musical DVD invitations, bunting and garden games were carefully made by the Dover pair or their family. Salome and Craig, 31, who have dated since they were 16, also have two children together and wanted to make them a special part of the day.

The couple chose Dover’s The Thatched Barn for their laid-back celebrations on July 18, 2015. One hundred guests attended the day-time ceremony with 200 friends and family taking part in the evening celebrations.

“Our venue wasn’t licensed so we made the difficult decision to marry in secret a few days before the wedding. We only took our parents and children. It was actually a beautiful day and meant so much more to us than we imagined it would,” Salome says. “For the wedding day we asked my dad to perform a ceremony that we had written.”

A live band kept guests on the dancefloor and Salome’s hand-made decorations brought the barn to life.

“The wedding for us was more than just one day, it was about being us and celebrating our love as our little family,” the bride says.

Photos courtesy of Robert Marriott Photography.

Salome_Craig_Barn-Wedding_001 Salome_Craig_Barn-Wedding_002
Salome_Craig_Barn-Wedding_SBS_003 Salome_Craig_Barn-Wedding_SBS_004
Salome_Craig_Barn-Wedding_SBS_005 Salome_Craig_Barn-Wedding_SBS_008



“I have my own small business. I made absolutely everything (with a little help),” Salome says.

Salome_Craig_Barn-Wedding_SBS_009 Salome_Craig_Barn-Wedding_SBS_010



Salome_Craig_Barn-Wedding_013 Salome_Craig_Barn-Wedding_014


Salome found her gorgeous gown at Wedding World. “I originally thought I wanted a lace boho-style dress. I still went with lace, but when I saw this dress I fell in love,” she says.


Salome_Craig_Barn-Wedding_SBS_015 Salome_Craig_Barn-Wedding_SBS_016



Salome_Craig_Barn-Wedding_031 Salome_Craig_Barn-Wedding_SBS_027

The pageboy and groom’s outfit came together with a little help from Next.




Salome_Craig_Barn-Wedding_038 Salome_Craig_Barn-Wedding_036
Salome_Craig_Barn-Wedding_034 Salome_Craig_Barn-Wedding_SBS_033

“We are pretty laid-back and creative as a couple and our family is very important to us,” Salome says.




Salome_Craig_Barn-Wedding_024 Salome_Craig_Barn-Wedding_023

Groom Craig made the naked wedding cake himself. “He loves to bake and although we might’ve taken on a tad too much the day before the wedding – he pulled it off and it was amazing, albeit a bit wonky!” Salome says.

Salome_Craig_Barn-Wedding_022 Salome_Craig_Barn-Wedding_021




Video by Visual Line Production Company.

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