Frequently Asked Questions

How much does it cost to list my dress?

£19.95 one time, until sold.


How long will it take to setup my wedding dress advertisement?

The process only takes a few minutes. As soon as you complete payment your listing will be visible, usually within a few minutes.


What is the usual amount of time it takes to sell a wedding dress on Easy Weddings?

This depends on a few factors including the size, style, price and your location. As a guide, generally more modern style gowns sizes 10-12 within major city areas sell the quickest. We would usually expect your dress to sell within 1 – 12 weeks, if you do not sell your dress within the first 12 weeks we would suggest that you drop the price.


How much should I sell my wedding dress for?

As a guide we usually recommend 1/2 of the original purchase price, you can always change the advertised cost after a month or two if you don’t receive a high level of enquiries.


I’ve noticed that many of the other advertised dresses have the heads of the owners removed, is this necessary?

No, we believe that the complete photo is much more projective of what others will look like in the dress.


Can I also advertise my wedding accessories such as shoes or bridemaids dresses?

Yes, you can advertise any wedding dress related items on your listing.


Do you charge a commission on the sale of my wedding dress?

No, we don’t charge you anything.


Can I change details on my ad such as the cost once it is online?

Yes, you can make changes easily to your ad at anytime, simply login and visit your Preloved dashboard.


How long will my listing stay online for?

Your listing will stay up until it has been sold.


Can I recommend a feature for you to add?

Sure! We love to hear feedback on how you used the service and what you’d like to see in future updates. Please email us at

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