Frequently Asked Questions


How long will it take to setup my wedding dress advertisement?

Usually about 10-15 minutes. Creating a listing is a four-step process that is quite simple, and you can add as much detail as you like about your dress. The more the better! Once you complete the last step, your listing will be reviewed by Easy Weddings staff and if approved, will be available online for all to see.

What is the usual amount of time it takes to sell a wedding dress on Easy Weddings?

This can vary a lot. The style, season, size, price, your ship-from location and the amount of information you put on your listing can all have an impact on whether or not your dress will sell quickly.

However, we’ve seen a lot of gowns sold through Easy Weddings: generally more modern style gowns in sizes 10-12 around major city areas sell the quickest. Many second hand wedding dresses to sell within 1 – 12 weeks in this case. If your dress hasn’t sold in the first 12 weeks we suggest reviewing the quality of your listing and dropping the price.

How do I make sure my wedding dress sells?

Here a few tips for making sure your listing gets the best results:

  • Include as much information as possible
    Type out a good description of your dress, try to go for 200 words and use bullet lists to make it easy to read. Try to describe the colour, style, how it feels to wear and of course, how fabulous it made you feel on the day!
  • Be honest about your dress’s condition
    Thoroughly inspect your dress for any tears, stains or other damage and describe these on the listing. Make repairs if applicable, and take photos of any repairs or damage so brides can see what they are dealing with.
  • Complete all the form fields
    By making the most accurate selection in all the drop-down boxes, your dress will be included in the filtering options when brides are browsing through dresses. If you don’t make a selection, you might be missing out!
  • Great pictures, lots of ‘em
    Pictures will do much of the selling for you so make them your best! Include full length shots of the dress, try to get both on the hanger and on a person. Include detail shots of the dress features, especially if there is fine lace or beading. If you decide to use your official wedding photos, be sure to get permission from the copyright owner.
  • The right price
    Second-hand dresses are often sold significantly less than the retail price. See the question below, “How much should I sell my wedding dress for?” for more detail.
  • Check your account regularly
    Check your email and Easy Weddings Preloved account regularly for messages from potential buyers. Try to respond to any enquiries within 3 days.

How much should I sell my wedding dress for?

Generally, a second-hand wedding dress in good condition would sell for around half of the original purchase price. Retail markups can be quite high, especially for designer labels! You can always change your asking price if you don’t receive many enquiries.

I’ve noticed that many of the other advertised dresses have the heads of the owners removed, is this necessary?

Not at all. If you want to include your face, go for it!

We strongly recommend including photos of a person wearing the dress. Second-hand clothing always sells better online if the buyer can see what the dress looks like on a real person. It’s also very helpful to see what the original bride’s body shape is to determine if any alterations need to be made for the new owner.

If you don’t want to put your face online, feel free to crop the head out or mask any faces in other ways. Buyers want to see the dress and the shape of it, so faces don’t really matter.

Can I also advertise my wedding accessories such as shoes or bridesmaids’ dresses?

Yes, you can advertise any type wedding dress and wedding related items on your listing – be bridesmaids’ dresses, Mother of the Bride dresses or your wedding accessories. Just make it clear in your description what you are selling.

Do you charge a commission on the sale of my wedding dress?

No, at this point in time listing your preloved wedding dress on is completely free.

What, you mean completely free?

Yes! You won’t be charged for listing your wedding dress on at this time. We do not charge a setup fee nor take commission from the sale of your dress.

We will notify you should this change in the future. In the meantime, take advantage of this offer!

Can I change details on my listing, such as the cost, once it is online?

Yes, you can make changes easily to your listing at anytime, simply log in and visit your Preloved Dashboard.

How long will my listing stay online for?

Once approved, your listing will stay online until your dress is sold, or until you disable the listing; whichever happens first.

Can I recommend a feature for you to add?

Sure! We love to hear feedback on how you used the service and what you’d like to see in future updates. Please email us at

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