Our Culture

At Easy Weddings, we’re in the industry of happiness. Our brides are beginning a lifetime of married bliss and our suppliers are helping them do it.

With this in mind, it’s important that we live and work to this idea of happiness. We’ve created a culture doc which all new staff are inducted with and we regularly check ourselves in on how we are performing against it.

Our guides to live by

  1. Finish what you start to the best of your capabilities
  2. Be willing to ask for help – and to give it
  3. Give and take constructive feedback
  4. Be mindful and respectful of everyone – not just clients and colleagues
  5. Encourage creativity and fun
  6. Learn continuously
  7. Accept all ideas are possible
  8. Accept that things aren’t always perfect – they progressing to perfection
  9. Create happiness in your life and others
  10. Make an impact – every action moves us to our goal!

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