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Classy stag do ideas to suit every groom

  Getting married is exciting for so many reasons. One reason why a lot of lads look forward to their nuptials so much is because of their stag do. These tend to involve a range of mad... Read more

How to have the perfect Audrey Hepburn themed hens do

For those brides-to-be who aren’t the partying type, a themed hens do can be the ideal way to have fun with your main girls, and not have the whole day or night be about drinking and nudity. If... Read more

How much to spend on a hen party gift?

You have received the invitation to a hen do and your excitement is through the roof. But while it is easy enough to find an outfit that will fit the party and any possible theme, it can be a... Read more

The unspoken rules of planning a hen’s do

Landing yourself a spot on the #TeamBride entourage comes with some special responsibilities...from helping the bride make key decisions (like which cake icing looks best) to planning a hen’s do... Read more

How to arrange a hen party on a budget

We’ve all had those emails. Those cheery and well-meaning communications from a chief bridesmaid who has organised a fun-filled weekend in an exotic location, all with a price tag that would just... Read more

What is the role of groomsmen in my wedding?

You probably had a lot of your dream wedding planned in your head before the engagement happened. You almost definitely had a list of special people who you wanted to play a big role on your big day,... Read more

4 fun hens do ideas (without the nudity)

Tired of the common hens do tradition of hitting the male strip club with a gaggle of girls, only to be carried home at obscene hours of the morning, less your dignity and your left shoe? If that’s... Read more

The unspoken rules of planning a Hen’s party

Landing yourself a spot on the #TeamBride entourage comes with some special responsibilities...from helping the bride make key decisions (like which cake icing looks best) to planning a hen’s... Read more

How to avoid FOMO if you have to miss a Hen’s night

FOMO. It sucks. We all get it from time to time. But FOMO can feel especially worse when you have to miss an... Read more

Bridal shower etiquette

The bridal shower is a pre-wedding ritual in which close female relatives and friends of the bride... Read more

8 awesome alternative hen’s party ideas

Today's hen's parties are no longer confined to wild nights out. After all, not every bride is the party-'til-you-drop type and many aren't at all interested in strippers, endless rounds of booze... Read more

12 awesome international stag party locations

A stag party is designed to celebrate the future groom’s last night of freedom before getting married. A traditional bachelor party typically involves heavy drinking and other things he won’t... Read more

Kitchen tea ideas…and all your kitchen tea questions answered

What is a kitchen tea? What do you do at a kitchen tea? What are some kitchen tea ideas? Here are the answers to all your kitchen tea related questions, and some great kitchen tea party ideas... Read more

The hens night revolution from cringe to classy

Ladies. It's time we had a good long look at a total contradiction in wedding planning. One that is as funny as it is terrifying. This continuous conflict has weighed down the mind of many a maid of... Read more

Hens party ideas for a really special day

Hen parties aren't the stay-at-home tea parties they used to be – modern brides want to party with their girlfriends after a day of fun filled activities. Here are some great hens party ideas for... Read more

Imaginative ideas for stag party activities

Today stag parties are becoming more about exciting activities and adventures and less about just getting his mates together for a few drinks at the local. There is a lot on offer, from paintballing... Read more

Guide to planning a stag party

Pranks and practical jokes might be the best bits of a stag party but it also takes quite a lot of planning to arrange a truly memorable event.  Here are some frequently asked questions about... Read more

Hen parties planning tips for the maid of honour

Anyone who has ever had to organise a hen party, knows that it’s not nearly as easy as it seems. Just the thought of getting the girls to agree on where to go, when to go and who to invite can be... Read more

Fun stag party themes for the guys

The guys are usually less keen on dressing up than the girls so themed stag parties aren't generally as popular as hen night themes. However, a theme can add a bit of fun to the night and can also... Read more

Ideas for stag party pranks

The stag party is probably the wedding ritual that the bride is looking forward to the least because of what might happen to the groom. Stag party pranks can be a lot of fun as long as the best man... Read more

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